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Theatre Services

Our theatre is made up of two state of the art operating rooms that are well equipped with advanced equipment and are run by a team of highly trained doctors and nurses.

Halisi Family hospital has the capacity to perform a wide range of surgical procedures including:
– Endoscopy & Colonoscopy
– Abdominal surgery e.g. colorectal, gastric, biliary etc.
– Laparascopic surgery
– Ear, nose and throat surgery
– General surgery
– Gynecological surgery
– Obstetric surgery
– Bariatric surgery
– Orthopedic surgery
– Plastic surgery
– Urological surgery
– Vascular surgery
– Head and Neck surgery
– Neuro surgery
– Breast surgery
– Circumcision

The theatre is operational 24 hours a day so as to handle any emergency cases that may arise.

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